SRM9005 P25 Mobile Radio 136 – 174 MHz AC Band Complete Kit



The SRM9000 mobile radio provides leading-edge radio communications. This radio has evolved to address the needs of diverse markets from simple voice through to advanced system applications. The functionality provided by the unique Xmode platform ensures it will meet your current and future needs. SRM9000 mobile transceivers are highly customisable and can deploy in many configurations.

Frequency BandsE0 ~ 66-88MHz: AC ~ 136-174MHz: K1* ~ 174-208MHz: R3 335-400 MHz: UH ~ 440-520MHz: TU ~ 400-480MHz: * subject to availability
Channel Spacing10, 12.5, 20 or 25 kHz selectable per channel
Dimensions(Transceiver only)
56 mm (H) x 170 mm (W) x 165 mm (D)
Weight1.3 kg
Power Supply10.8 -16.3 V DC
Channel Stability<1.5 ppm
Inputs/OutputsIgnition-sense input; PTT; Carrier Detect; On/Off; Configurable output
Antenna Connector50 Ω BNC

EN 300 086, EN 300 113, EN 300 219, EN 300 279, AS4295, FCC, IC

  • P25CAP Compliant
Environmental ProtectionIP54
Operating Temperature-30˚C to +60˚C Operating (Transceiver)
-40˚C to +80˚C Storage
Simoco P25P25 compliant, 40 zones of 250 channels, Voting, Scanning, Trunked, 1000 channel pool, Individual Calls, Emergency Calls, Analog mode CTCSS/DCS/DTMF/Scrambler, DES-OFB and AES Encryption.
Trunked OperationsMPT1327/1343 (1024 channels), 250 entry phonebook, Normal, Priority, Emergency, Group, Broadcast, Diversion, Busy and Queued Status Calls, Abbreviated dialling.
Audio Frequency Response+1 dB to -3 dB of pre-emphasised
300 to 3000 Hz on 25 kHz channel;
(300 to 2550 Hz on 12.5 kHz channel)
Current Consumption<7.5 A (UHF)
Duty Cycle1 minute transmit, 4-minute receive
Hum and Noise>40 dB (12.5 kHz), >45 dB (25 kHz)
ModulationC4FM, FM
Transmitter Power3 levels programmable 1-25 W
Transmit Rise Time<25 ms
Audio Frequency Response+1 dB to -3 dB of pre-emphasised
300 to 3000 Hz on 25 kHz channel;
(300 to 2550 Hz on 12.5 kHz channel)
Audio Output4 W into 4 @ <5% distortion
(link for 10 W into 8)
Blocking>95 dB at +/-1 MHz
Hum and Noise>40 dB (12.5 kHz); >45 dB (25 kHz)
Intermodulation>70 dB
Selectivity>73 dB (25 kHz)
>65 dB (12.5 kHz)
Sensitivity>-117.5 dBm for 12 dB SINAD
>-119 dBm for 5% BER

• CTCSS • DCS • Sequential Tone (selcall) • FFSK • DTMF • Status • 240 scan/vote groups • 250 entry phone book

• MPT1343 (UK) • Chekker (Regionet 43 Germany)
• 3RP (CNET2424 France) • Traxys (NL1343 Netherlands)
• Multiax, MPT1343 (Australia) • 250 entry phone book
• Normal, Priority, Emergency, Group, Broadcast
• Diversion • Busy, Queued • Status calls
• Abbreviated dialling

• P25CAP Complaint • 40 zones • 1500 channel pool • Voting • Trunked • Scanning • DES OFB and AES Encryption** • Individual Calls • Emergency Call • Analogue mode including scrambler, CTCSS, DCS, DTMF

  • Unique Xmode software and configuration upgradability, allowing operation on analogue, MPT1327 trunking, P25 conventional and P25 trunking systems.
  • Ruggedised, heavy-duty construction for reliability in all vehicle types.
  • Multiple choice of control console or control microphones depending on user requirements.
  • Cost-effective choices with entry-level options that can be expanded or added in future to meet evolving business needs.
  • Programmable function buttons and parameters allow radios to be tailored to exact requirements.
  • AES/DES digital encryption on P25 models. Voice scrambler option for analogue models.
  • Safety and emergency functions such as Lone Worker, Stun, GPS and Emergency.
  • AMBE+2 Vocoder for improved voice clarity.

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Weight 3 kg