SQBM499 70 – 72 MHz Aluminium Base Vertical Antenna


The SQBM499 by Moonraker is a high-quality aluminium base antenna designed specifically for 4m amateur radio use, covering a frequency range of 70-72 MHz. With a gain of 4.1.0 dB and power handling up to 100 W, this 2.5m antenna offers clear and powerful transmission. Weighing 2 kg and built to withstand wind speeds up to 40 m/sec, it comes complete with mounting hardware, a SO239 connection, and is compatible with mast sizes from 30 to 52 mm. Ideal for both seasoned and novice ham radio enthusiasts.


Key Features:
1. High-Quality Material: Constructed using premium-grade aluminium, ensuring both durability and performance.
2. Optimal Frequency Range: Designed to operate efficiently between 70 to 72 MHz.
3. Efficient Gain: Boasts an impressive gain of 4.1.0 dB, ensuring clear and powerful signal transmission.
4. Power Handling: Can handle up to 100 W of power, making it ideal for most amateur radio setups.
5. Sleek and Lightweight: Weighing only 2 kg and spanning a length of 2.5 m, this antenna strikes the perfect balance between design and functionality.
6. Standard Connection: Comes with a SO239 connection, universally adaptable for most rigs.
7. Radials for Stability: Features a 90 cm radial length, ensuring signal clarity and stability.
8. Mast Compatibility: Fits mast sizes ranging from 30 to 52 mm, providing flexibility for mounting.
9. Wind Resistant: Built to withstand wind velocities up to 40 m/sec, ensuring resilience in various weather conditions.
10. Complete Package: The model is supplied with all necessary mounting hardware, allowing for a hassle-free and straightforward assembly.


Introducing the SQBM499 – an epitome of top-tier antenna technology tailored for the avid 4m amateur radio enthusiast. Brought to you by Moonraker, a name synonymous with precision and durability, this base antenna is crafted to meet the most demanding radio communication needs.


Whether you’re a seasoned ham radio operator or just starting out, the SQBM499 promises to be an invaluable addition to your setup, ensuring reliable communication across the 4m band. Don’t compromise on quality; choose Moonraker.



Gain4.1.0 dB
Power100 W
Weight2 kg
Length2.5 m
Radial Length90 cm
Mast Size30 – 52 mm
Wind Velocity40 m/sec
Frequency70 – 72 MHz

Additional information

Weight10 kg