Spiderbeam 5 HD – 5 Band Beam Antenna Kit


The Heavy Duty Spiderbeam is a specially reinforced version, optimized for permanent installation at home.


The doubling of the wall thickness of the aluminium and fiberglass sections greatly increased the sturdiness of the design, rendering it strong enough to withstand even extreme weather conditions for a prolonged period of time. All parts are produced with top-grade materials that repel harsh weather, UV radiation and oxidation.

The highly efficient 5-band yagi is created by interlacing 5 monobanders on a single boom and weighs in at 11.5 kg, making it a lightweight compared to other yagis of its performance caliber. This electrical concept remains steadfast.

This antenna kit is an enjoyable and educational project. It has everything needed to assemble the antenna described in the instruction manual. You will be thrilled with the sense of accomplishment you get from successfully calling out above competing signals using an antenna you constructed yourself.


Bands20 m17 m15 m12 m10 m
No of Elements32324
Forward Gain11.710.512.310.512.6
Back/Front Ratio15 – 2020 – 2520 – 2510 – 1218 – 22
Max Power2000 W – Balun Included
Impedance50 Ohms Single Feedline
Boom Length10 m
Turning Radius5 m
Wind Load Area0.35 sqm
Weight11.5 kg
Size120 x 27 x 18 cm

Additional information

Weight11.6 kg