Spare Suction Pad Base for Omnimax TV Antenna


Designed for temporary fixing to any flat steel surface to provide a secure mounting base for Omnimax Touring TV Aerial.


Fixing to any horizontal, smooth surface the Suction Pad Base offers a robust and reliable temporary mounting solution for all Omnimax TV Aerial models. The Omnimax Suction Pad Base allows you to temporarily mount your Omnimax Omni-directional TV aerial onto most surfaces using the four heavy-duty suction pads. The mount allows you to secure your aerial on the cabin roof without the need to drill any holes.


Temporary Mounting. Heavy duty suction pads offer a reliable mount solution that can be quickly and conveniently installed, removed or relocated.


Easy Installation. Both the Omnimax and Omnimax Pro can be easily attached to the Suction Pad Base using the fixings included.


Designed for temporary mounting. Designed and tested for outdoor use. High-quality, durable and robust construction. Designed and manufactured in the UK.

Spare Suction Pad Base for Omnimax TV Antenna



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Weight 0.7 kg