Solid Contact Crimper

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High quality ensures the durability and long term wearability and the adjustable crimping force improves adaptability.

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IWD-20 Closed Barrel Crimper

4 indent crimping tool for size 20 (gage 20 & 22) solid style pins and sockets. With smooth ratchet and spring-loaded mechanism, you can get excellent crimps easily.

  • Work with Deusch Solid Contacts: 0460-010-20XX, 0462-005-20XX 0460-202-20XX, 0462-201-20XX
  • Work with Amphenol Solid Contacts: AT60-202-20141, AT60-202-20141, AT62-201-20141
Cross-sectional view
  • 4 Way Indent, 8 Impression Type
  • simultaneous 4-indent crimp brings superior contact retention



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