Soldering Tip Cleaner

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Effectively remove residual solder from your soldering tools without damaging your tips.

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Soldering Accessories

Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner, can clean soldering iron tips without water, it is a cleaning solution for waterless soldering iron tips. Use brass coils to easily remove excess solder and flux residues, while tin residues won’t run out of the container, it will keep your bench clean.


Waterless Tip Cleaning

Prolong the life of your tips by not shocking them with water every time you need to clean flux off. Since it won’t reduce tip temperature, you can keep working!

Indents to Rest Iron

Enclosure features two small indents that are perfect for resting the soldering iron if you do not have a proper holder. There is also an articulating carrying handle.

Compatible with Aoyue

Attaches to soldering iron holders using included metal bracket and hardware. Can be mounted several ways for left or right-handed operation. Works with Aoyue 469 platform as well.

Re-usable with Refills

When the cleaner gets dirty, simply flip over or replace with our brass coils refills. The brass is a soft metal that will not damage the tip but will clean off excess solder and flux.




1. There is no need to add water to avoid cooling of the soldering iron tip, and the tin and lead beads will not spray out, which improves the welding efficiency.

2. Effectively prevent oxidation of the soldering iron tip and prolong the service life.

3. The tin dross will not be scattered into the working environment, please keep it clean.

4. When the soldering iron tip is inserted into the wire, multi-point contact can achieve multi-point cleaning, which effectively improves work efficiency.

5. Stainless steel material manufacturing ensures maximum durability.


How to Clean Iron Tip Using Brass Coils

Step 1

Plunge the hot soldering iron into the brass coils but not too deep because you will hit the bottom of the container and risk damaging the iron tip.

Step 2

To take it up a notch, you can twist the iron with your wrist and fingers to help get all sides while cleaning. Try not to keep jabbing the same spot as well. Move around to disperse the solder and ensure an effective cleaning.

Step 3

When the solder and flux build-up starts affecting cleaning, flip over the coils and use the clean side to extend the life of your cleaner.


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