Soldering Skill Training Board


High quality PCB, has clearly marked the electronics components, even beginners can easily solder successfully.

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This project is aimed at new components for surface mount soldering. It can help you improve your skills in soldering resistors, capacitors, diodes and LEDs, transistors and IC chips. The kit includes an 85 x 54 mm printed circuit board (PCB) and 126 surface mount electronic devices (SMD). A simple rotating light wheel project in the middle of the PCB gives you the opportunity to test your new learning skills.



Beautiful Water Lamp Circuit

  • The welding product is a beautiful water lamp circuit
  • This is a great little training kit for those who want to get a feel for SMD soldering

Complete Accessories

  • It contains a PCB with 2 sides, English instructions and all the components needed
  • The PCB board has clearly marked the electronics components, it’s easy to assemble

Improve the Welding Skills

  • The solder learning kit has proper circuit design with led indicator, easy to check your soldering result, them will be a flashing LED light after soldered and powered with 3 – 12 V, very interesting effect


Convenient Measurement Design

  • The back of the PCB board is marked with mm/in scale for easy measurement of components, and also marked with PCB line width example, can be used as a design PCB reference
  • PCB Size: 85.6 x 54 x 1.6 mm
  • Operating Voltage: 3 – 12 V


  • This is red Led, we also have blue Led version, ASIN is B00VWB8F8K
  • The product is used for learning. Suitable for people who want to improve the welding skills.
  • Please make sure all components in right direction and right place; and check whether pseudo and float welding, this is very important in practicing and testing.
  • Comes with English user manual and online file, which will guide you how to finish step by step. If you need technology supports, or meet other problem, please send e-mail to us, we will help you as soon as possible.

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