Solarcon Max Optimizer – 10-11 Metre Base Station Antenna 5000 Watt


The ultimate optimizable 10-11 meter Base Station Antenna. 5000 Watt rated upgraded replacement for the IMAX-2000.


The Max Optimizer allows you to choose between a balanced 10–11 meter antenna that will perform well in both bands or optimize the antenna for the 11-meter band. To Optimize for 11-meter performance assemble the antenna with the 12” optimizer section installed between the mid and top section as a 4-piece antenna. For balanced 10-11 meter performance leave out the 12” optimizer section and assemble it as 3 piece antenna.

  • Power Handling: 5000 Watts
  • Covers 26 MHz to 33.5 MHz using patented tuning rings and trimming the top section; approximately twice the 2:1 SWR bandwidth as the A-99 / I-MAX 2000 (3 MHz with SWR<2:1)
  • Entire antenna radiates producing a gain 1 to 2 dB higher than the best of the competitors 5/8 wavelength antennas
  • Antenna tested to 5000 Watts without failure
  • Mounting system provides easy one-piece installation
  • Long ferrules make for a mechanically strong antenna
  • Comes in three 3-4 sections
  • Meets or exceeds CPSC shock hazard standards
  • Add the MAX GPK ground plane kit for even better performance

Additional information

Weight 3 kg