Sirio Wing Nut and Bolt


Discover the Sirio Wing Nut and Bolt – the ideal solution for effortless antenna adjustments with DV mounts. Specifically crafted for Sirio DV setups, ensure secure connections for smooth swiveling, perfect for navigating obstacles while driving or off-roading.

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Introducing the Sirio Wing Nut and Bolt – the perfect solution for seamlessly connecting DV style antennae to DV base N. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this specialized wing nut and bolt set is tailored specifically for use with Sirio DV type mounts and DV banjo converters.

Designed for convenience and reliability, the Sirio Wing Nut and Bolt enable effortless swiveling of your aerial with DV mounts. Whether you’re navigating under bridges, maneuvering through car parks, or traversing tree-lined paths during off-road adventures, this essential accessory ensures smooth and hassle-free antenna adjustments.

Experience peace of mind knowing that your DV antenna setup is securely fastened and ready to perform, thanks to the dependable Sirio Wing Nut and Bolt – the ultimate choice for DV antenna connections.

Sirio Wing Nut and Bolt

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