Sirio Turbo 800S PL Blue Line Mobile CB Antenna


Experience clear and reliable communication on the go with the Sirio Turbo 800S PL Blue Line Mobile CB Antenna. Crafted for professionals like you, this top-tier antenna is designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability.


Equipped with a tuneable stainless steel construction, this antenna ensures crystal-clear transmission without compromising on style. Its sleek blue line design adds a touch of sophistication to your vehicle, while its compact size allows for easy installation without sacrificing quality.

Featuring protection from static discharge DC-Ground, the Sirio Turbo 800S PL Blue Line Mobile CB Antenna guarantees uninterrupted connectivity even in challenging weather conditions. Whether you’re cruising down highways or venturing off-road, stay connected with confidence.

Designed for convenience, this antenna is compatible with magnetic mounts, providing flexibility in finding the optimum placement for maximum signal strength. The inclusion of a high-quality 17/7 PH stainless steel spring whip further enhances its longevity and resilience against harsh elements.

With an impressive frequency range of 27 to 28.5 MHz and power capability up to 200 Watts (CW) continuous /1000 Watts (CW) short time, rest assured that your voice will be heard loud and clear across long distances.

The Sirio Turbo 800S PL Blue Line Mobile CB Antenna is manufactured using premium materials such as brass, copper, nylon, and stainless steel – ensuring unrivaled durability throughout countless adventures. Its sturdy build can withstand rigorous use and still maintain optimal performance day after day.


Frequency Range 27 to 28.5 MHz
Bandwidth @ SWR < 2 > 430 KHz (40 channel)
Power 200 Watts (CW) continuous / 1000 Watts (CW) short time
Mounting UHF-male (PL 259)
Materials Brass, Copper, Nylon, Stainless Steel
Height 840 mm
Weight 580 g

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