Sirio Titanium 800 NE-Mobile CB Antenna


Enhance your CB communication like never before with the Sirio Titanium 800 NE-Mobile CB Antenna. Meticulously designed for all, this professional-grade antenna combines unrivaled performance and sleek aesthetics to redefine your mobile experience.


Covering a wide frequency range of 27 – 28.5 MHz, this technologically advanced antenna ensures optimal signal reception in any situation. Its total length of 79 cm guarantees efficient transmission while maintaining perfect balance aesthetically on your vehicle.

Experience seamless connectivity with an impressive bandwidth of 1100 KHz, enabling you to effortlessly tune into the vital channels that matter most to you. With power capabilities ranging from 15W to a remarkable150W, expect clear and robust communications even in challenging environments.

For added convenience, the included coax RG58 cable extends over a generous length of four meters without connector—allowing flexibility in installation options while supporting excellent signal integrity throughout.

Get ready to elevate your communication game with the Sirio Titanium 800 NE-Mobile CB Antenna—an essential tool for professionals seeking unparalleled reliability and performance.


Frequency Range 27 – 28.5 MHz
Total Length 79 cm
Bandwidth 1100 KHz
Power 15W/150W
Coax RG58 Length 4 meter without Connector

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Weight 1.5 kg