Sirio Taifun 27 Mobile Antenna


Experience unparalleled communication range and top-notch performance with the Sirio Taifun 27 Mobile Antenna. Crafted to perfection, this unique CB antenna is inspired by the renowned “VW Golf” radio antenna design, ensuring a sleek and sophisticated appearance that effortlessly blends with any vehicle.


Designed for utmost convenience, the Sirio Taifun 27 Mobile Antenna comes equipped with a detachable whip. Now you can breeze through car washes or tight spaces without worrying about damaging your precious antenna setup. No more hassle – just detach and reattach!

Included in this remarkable package is a high-quality 5 m RG58 cable, offering optimal signal transmission for crystal-clear reception. Please note that for seamless compatibility, we recommend purchasing the 259 male connector separately (sold exclusively).

With an ideal length of 51cm, our Sirio Taifun ensures maximum range coverage while keeping aesthetics uncompromised. Operating seamlessly at a frequency of 27 MHz, brace yourself for extended reach during every conversation. With an impressive rating of up to 10 watts, experience exceptional call clarity like never before on your journeys. Ease of installation takes center stage as well! Thanks to its carefully crafted design, this mobile antenna requires a mere mounting hole size of only 10 mm – making fitting an absolute breeze.


Type 1 / 4 wave reduced
Length 530 mm
Frequency 27 MHz
S.W.R. < 1.2 : 1
Power Rating 10 W
Mounting 10 mm hole

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Weight 0.8 kg