Sirio TA 27 INOX Marine CB Antenna


Enhance your marine communication with the Sirio TA 27 INOX Marine CB Antenna. This base loaded antenna offers omnidirectional coverage, wide bandwidth, and durable construction for optimal performance at sea. With easy installation options and high power handling capabilities, stay connected with confidence on the waves.


Introducing the Sirio TA 27 INOX Marine CB Antenna – your ultimate solution for reliable communication at sea. Designed with precision and durability in mind, this base loaded antenna is a must-have for marine enthusiasts seeking optimal performance on the waves.

Electrical Data:

  • Type: Base loaded for enhanced signal reception
  • Radiation: Omnidirectional coverage for maximum reach
  • Polarization: Linear vertical alignment
  • Frequency Range: 24.5-29.5MHz with no tuning required
  • Systems: Compatible with CB 27MHz and 10m-HAM bands
  • Bandwidth: Wide bandwidth of ≥ 5.5MHz at SWR ≤ 2 for versatile use
  • Max Power: Handles 15 Watts (CW) continuously and up to 50 Watts (CW) for short bursts
  • Grounding Protection: DC-Ground for added safety
  • Connector: UHF-female (SO-239) for seamless integration with existing setups

Mechanical Data:

  • Materials: Crafted from chromed brass, stainless steel 17/7 PH, fiberglass, and nylon for durability and longevity
  • Height: Stands at approximately 1120 mm (3.67 ft) for optimal signal transmission
  • Weight: Light at around 360 gr (0.79 lb) for easy handling and mounting
  • Mounting Type: Features convenient thru-holes and on-wall mounting options for flexibility in installation

With the Sirio TA 27 INOX Marine CB Antenna, you can expect top-notch performance, robust construction, and hassle-free installation. Stay connected and communicate with confidence while out on the water. Elevate your marine communication experience with Sirio today.

Additional information

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