Sirio SY 78-5 – 5 Elements Yagi Antenna 78-88 MHz


Experience enhanced VHF communication with the Sirio SY 78-5 Yagi Antenna, designed for the 78-88 MHz range. This 5-element, directional antenna delivers exceptional gain of 8.4 dBd to 10.5 dBi and supports up to 350 Watts power.


Boost Your Communication with the Sirio SY 78-5 Yagi Antenna

Unlock exceptional VHF low-band performance with the Sirio SY 78-5 – a state-of-the-art 5 Elements Yagi Antenna designed for the 78-88 MHz frequency range. Ideal for professional and amateur radio enthusiasts alike, this antenna requires no tuning, allowing you to get started immediately with minimal setup.

Outstanding Directional Control and Power Handling

The Sirio SY 78-5 is engineered for superior directionality with a linear horizontal polarization, ensuring focused transmission and reception of signals. With a remarkable gain of 8.4 dBd to 10.5 dBi, this antenna amplifies your signal for impressive reach and clarity. It also supports up to 350 Watts of continuous wave (CW) power, making it robust enough for various communication needs.

Durable and Weather-Resistant Construction

Constructed with high-quality materials like Aluminium, Chromed brass, and Zinc plated brass, the Sirio SY 78-5 is built to last. The elements are mounted on a sturdy frame of galvanized steel, ensuring durability against harsh weather conditions. The use of EPDM rubber and Zamak adds extra layers of protection, enhancing the antenna’s longevity and performance reliability.

Easy Installation and Secure Mounting

Measuring approximately 2020 x 4030 x 100 mm (6.63 x 13.22 x 0.33 ft) and weighing around 5100 gr (11.24 lb), this antenna is designed for easy mounting on a mast, facilitating a secure and straightforward installation process.

Safety and Efficiency

The Sirio SY 78-5 features excellent grounding protection with all metal parts being DC-grounded. The inner conductor’s capacitive coupling ensures effective operation without the risk of static buildup, promoting safer and more efficient use.

Universal Connectivity

Equipped with a UHF-female (SO-239) connector, this antenna offers versatile compatibility with a wide range of radio equipment, making it a top choice for both professional setups and hobbyist stations.

Whether you’re setting up a base station, enhancing your amateur radio setup, or need reliable communication for community events, the Sirio SY 78-5 Yagi Antenna is your go-to choice for powerful performance and dependable results. Enhance your communication capabilities today with the Sirio SY 78-5!

Sirio SY 78-5 – 5 Elements Yagi Antenna 78-88 MHzSirio SY 78-5 – 5 Elements Yagi Antenna 78-88 MHz

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