Sirio SY 78-3: 3 Element Yagi Beam Antenna


Top-quality construction is a major feature of this antenna. With the increase in activity, this 3-element directional beam will give you the edge, and you will be amazed at the contacts that can be made on this interesting and friendly band.


Directional 3 elements Yagi antenna for VHF 78-88 MHz. Elements and bthe oom of generous section are completely made of anticorodal aluminum, and the steel bracket is placed in the rear position for the best performance in vertical and horizontal polarization. The elements are fixed to the boom by a strong die-cast metal support to get the maximum strength. All metal parts and hardware are weather resistant. To improve the antenna gain please install it in stacked or bayed array.

Sirio SY 78-3: 3 Element Yagi Beam Antenna Sirio SY 78-3: 3 Element Yagi Beam Antenna

Electrical Data
Type 3 Elements Yagi
Radiation Directional
Polarization Linear Vertical or Horizontal
Frequency Range 78 – 88 MHz (No tuning required)
Systems VHF Low-Band (66 – 88 MHz)
Gain 4.85 dBd – 7 dBi
Max Power 350 W (CW)
Connector UHF-Female (SO-239)

Mechanical Data
Materials Aluminium, Chromed Brass, Galvanized Steel, Zamak
Dimension 1955 x 1600 mm
Weight 3270 g
Mounting Type On-Mast


Additional information

Weight 5 kg