Sirio SDB 702 Dual Band Mobile Antenna


Enhance your mobile communication experience with the cutting-edge Sirio SDB 702 Dual Band Mobile Antenna. Designed to cater to a wide audience, this versatile antenna ensures seamless connectivity and exceptional performance for all.



Equipped with an omnidirectional radiation pattern, the Sirio SDB 702 guarantees optimal signal reception from every direction. Its linear vertical polarization further enhances its ability to capture even the faintest signals, ensuring crystal-clear communication at all times.

Covering a frequency range of VHF: 141–149 MHz and UHF: 430–440 MHz, this dual-band antenna requires no tuning whatsoever. Simply install it on your vehicle or preferred location, sit back, and enjoy uninterrupted transmission with ease.

With a remarkable maximum power handling capacity of 100 W (CW), the Sirio SDB 702 is built to withstand high-power transmissions without compromising its efficiency. Crafted using premium materials such as chromed brass, stainless steel (17/7 PH), and nylon, this antenna offers unmatched durability that stands up against tough weather conditions.

Measuring at a convenient height of 470 mm and weighing only 360 g, the Sirio SDB 702 seamlessly blends into any setting while providing superior functionality. Additionally, its included cable length of 5 m allows for flexible installation options tailored to your specific needs. Please note that connectors are not supplied with this product; however, compatibility with various connector types makes integration hassle-free when paired with appropriate accessories.



Type VHF: 1/2 λ, UHF: 5/8 λ
Weight 360 g
Max Power 100 W (CW)
Connector Not supplied
Height 470 mm
Mounting Type Thru-Hole
Radiation Omnidirectional
Polarization Linear vertical
Gain VHF: 0 dB ref. to a λ/4 whip

UHF: 2 dB ref. to a λ/4 whip

Cable Length 5 m
Materials Chromed brass, stainless steel 17/7 PH, nylon
Frequency Range VHF: 141 – 149 MHZ (No tuning required)

UHF: 430 – 440 MHz (No tuning required)

Systems 2 m-HAM, 70 cm-HAM, ORBCOMM M2M, TETRA, CDMA-450, ISM / SIGFOX / LoRa 433 MHz

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Weight 7 kg