Sirio Performer P-600 Mobile CB Antenna


Experience enhanced communication on the go with the Sirio Performer P-600 Mobile CB Antenna. This high-performance antenna is specifically designed to cater to professionals seeking reliable and efficient connectivity in their mobile setups.


With its tuneable range from 27 – 28.5 MHz, this ruggedly built antenna allows you to maintain crystal-clear reception even in challenging environments. Its robust construction ensures durability, making it suitable for both rough off-road adventures and demanding professional use.

Featuring a convenient hole mount design, this version of the Sirio Performer P-600 provides seamless integration onto your vehicle without compromising its sleek appearance. The stainless steel 17/7PH whip is securely mounted on a base load coil that can be inclined up to 90 degrees or easily detached for car washes or anti-theft measures.

We understand that convenience matters, which is why we provide you with everything you need in one package. Alongside the antenna itself, we offer a mount and a generous 4 m RG58 cable ensuring hassle-free installation and immediate usage satisfaction.

Measuring at just 1.25 m in length, this compact yet powerful antenna packs an impressive punch when it comes to power output. With continuous use allowing up to 200 watts of power and intermittent operation handling up to an astonishingly high capacity of 1000 watts, rest assured knowing your communication capabilities won’t let you down when it matters most.


Type of Antenna 5/8 wave reduced
Frequency 27 – 28.5 MHz
Length 1.25 m
S.W.R. 1.2:1
Power Rating 200 watts (continuous use) / 1000 watts (intermittent use)


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Weight 1 kg