Sirio Performer P-1000 Mobile CB Antenna


This durable, high-performance mobile antenna can be tuned from 27 MHz to 28.5 MHz and is designed to withstand heavy impact without compromising its effectiveness.

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The whip, made of durable stainless steel 17/7PH, can be mounted on a coil that is able to tilt up to 90 degrees or easily detached for car-washing or anti-theft purposes. It is suitable for both body mounting (body mount cable not included) and magnetic mounting (magnet mount not included).


  • Type of Antenna: 5/8 wave reduced
  • Frequency: 27MHz – 28.5MHz
  • Length: 1.95m (P1000)
  • S.W.R: <1.2:1
  • Power Rating: 200 Watts (Continuous use) / 1000 Watts (Intermittent use)

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