Sirio Performer 5000 Mobile CB Antenna


Enhance your mobile communication experience with the Sirio Performer 5000 Mobile CB Antenna. Designed for professional use, this high-performance antenna boasts a radiation omnidirectional feature and linear vertical polarization, ensuring clear and reliable signal reception.


With a frequency range of 27 – 30 MHz tunable and a bandwidth of ≥2.6MHz @ SWR ≤ 2, this antenna can handle up to 1500 Watts (CW) continuous power and up to an impressive 5000 Watts (CW) for short periods. Crafted from durable materials such as copper, chromed brass, stainless steel, and UV stabilized thermoplastic, this antenna is built to withstand the elements.

Standing at a height of 2020mm and weighing just 480g, the Sirio Performer 5000 is lightweight yet sturdy. Its convenient mounting type of 3/8” Thread makes installation a breeze.

Whether you’re on the road or in remote areas, stay connected with confidence using the Sirio Performer 5000 Mobile CB Antenna. Upgrade your communication setup today!


Radiation Omnidirectional
Frequency Range 27 – 30 MHz Tunable
Bandwidth ≥ 2.6MHz @ SWR ≤ 2
Max Power 1500 Watts (CW) continuous :5000 Watts (CW) short time
Polarization Linear Vertical
Connector 3/8” Thread
Materials Copper, Chromed brass, Stainless Steel 17/7 PH, Thermoplastic UV stabilized
Height 2020 mm
Weight 480 g
Mounting Type 3/8” Thread

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Weight 7 kg