Sirio New Tornado Base CB Antenna


Experience optimal CB communication with the Sirio New Tornado Base CB Antenna. Representing a pinnacle of excellence, the Tornado 27 has secured its place as one of the most sought-after CB and Amateur base station antennas in the market. Crafted meticulously with top-notch materials, this antenna guarantees unparalleled durability, providing years of unwavering service.


Fine-tuning your radio transmissions has never been easier with the whip length adjustability feature. Seamlessly adapt to different scenarios and frequencies within the impressive range of 26 – 28 MHz. The Tornado 27 boasts an astonishingly high gain of 1.2 dBd and an equally remarkable figure of 3.35 dBi – ensuring clear reception and enhanced signal strength throughout your communications.

With a weight of only 2900 g, this antenna manages to combine robustness with user-friendliness effortlessly; making installation hassle-free while minimizing any additional strain on supporting structures or mounts. Its radial length spans at an impressive 2000 mm, perfect for maximizing distance coverage during transmission.

The overall length measures a generous 7230 mm, optimizing performance for optimum reach when mounted atop designated bases or towers. The UHF-female (SO239) connector type ensures seamless compatibility across various devices without sacrificing signal integrity or quality.


Frequency26 – 28 MHz 
Impedance50 Ohms
Radiation 360° Omnidirectional
Polarization Linear Vertical
Max Power1000 Watts (CW) continuous – 3000 Watts (CW) short time 
Gain1.2 dBd, 3.35 dBi
ConnectorUHF-female (SO239) type
Length7230 mm
Radial Length2000 mm
Weight2900 g

Additional information

Weight3.1 kg