Sirio NE-DV Mount Chrome – Sirio DV Mount


The Sirio NE-DV Mount Chrome, also known as the Sirio DV Mount, is a compact and robust mounting solution designed for versatile use in radio frequency (RF) applications. With an overall size of Ø 36 mm, it offers a sleek and unobtrusive design that seamlessly integrates into various setups.


Crafted from high-quality materials, including chromed brass, nylon, and rubber, this mount ensures durability and reliability in diverse environmental conditions. The chromed brass construction provides strength and resistance to corrosion, while the nylon and rubber components offer added stability and protection.

Featuring a mounting hole diameter of Ø 10 mm, the Sirio NE-DV Mount Chrome facilitates easy installation on compatible surfaces. Its versatile design accommodates a wide frequency range, spanning from DC to 100 MHz, making it suitable for a range of RF applications, including amateur radio, CB radio, and other communication systems.

Whether used in mobile or fixed installations, the Sirio NE-DV Mount Chrome offers a dependable solution for securely mounting antennas while maintaining excellent signal transmission performance. Its combination of quality materials, precise engineering, and broad frequency coverage makes it an ideal choice for radio enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Sirio NE-DV Mount Chrome – Sirio DV Mount


  • Overall Size: Ø 36 mm
  • Mounting Hole: Ø 10 mm
  • Frequency Range: From DC to 100 MHz
  • Materials: Chromed Brass, Nylon, Rubber

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