Sirio ML-145PL Mobile CB Antenna


The Sirio ML-145PL Mobile CB Antenna is the epitome of reliability and performance. Crafted with precision, this robust 5/8 wave antenna ensures seamless communication on the go. Engineered to perfection, it features a tapered 17/7PH steel whip elegantly assembled on a strong and flexible black chromed steel spring coil.


Designed for professionals who demand excellence, this mobile antenna operates flawlessly within the frequency range of 27 MHz. With a length of 1.45 meters, it offers optimal signal reception while maintaining an ergonomic profile.

Don’t let its sleek appearance fool you; this powerhouse boasts a remarkable power rating of up to 600 watts. Whether you’re out in rugged terrains or navigating busy city streets, expect crystal-clear reception that surpasses your expectations time after time.

Built to last and conquer any challenge thrown its way, the Sirio ML-145PL Mobile CB Antenna guarantees durability without compromising functionality. Empowering you with reliable communication capabilities even in demanding environments!


Type of Antenna 5/8 wave reduced
Frequency 27 MHz
Length 1.45 m
S.W.R. < 1.2:1
Power Rating 600 Watts

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg