Sirio HP-7000C USA Wireless UHF Mobile Antenna


Enhance your wireless communication with the Sirio HP-7000C UHF Mobile Antenna – an exceptional choice for professionals seeking top-notch performance. Designed to cater to all users, this antenna guarantees seamless connectivity and unmatched durability.


With a radiation pattern that is omnidirectional, you can trust in its ability to transmit and receive signals from multiple directions effortlessly. The linear vertical polarization ensures optimal signal clarity, ensuring crystal-clear communications every time.

Operating within the frequency range of 439 – 451 MHz, this antenna requires no tuning whatsoever, saving you precious time and effort. Supporting up to 100 watts of power, it empowers your device’s capabilities like never before.

Crafted from premium materials such as chromed brass and stainless steel 17/7 PH, this antenna exudes longevity while withstanding even the harshest weather conditions. Its height measuring at an impressive 990mm ensures strong signal reception throughout your operations. Featuring a reliable UHF-Male (PL-259) connector, compatibility is guaranteed across various devices without any hassle.




PolarizationLinear vertical
Gain5 dB ref. to a λ/4 whip
Frequency Range439 – 451 MHz (no tuning required)
Systems70 cm-HAM, TETRA, CDMA-450, ISM / SIGFOX / LoRa 433 MHz
Weight320 g
Max Power100 W (CW)
Height990 mm
Mounting TypeOn-Connector
Connector UHF-Male (PL-259)
Grounding ProtectionDC-Ground
MaterialsChromed brass, stainless steel 17/7 PH, nylon

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Weight7 kg