Sirio HP 3000 PL Mobile Antenna


Experience unparalleled performance and reliability with the Sirio HP 3000 PL Mobile Antenna. This high-powered marvel has been meticulously engineered to deliver superior results in any professional setting.


Tune into the perfect frequency range for seamless communication, as this antenna effortlessly covers an impressive span from 27 MHz to 30 MHz. With its outstanding power handling capability of up to 400 Watts (CW) continuously and a staggering peak at 1200 Watts (CW), rest assured that your signals will reach their destination loud and clear.

Embrace peace of mind while using the Sirio HP 3000 PL, thanks to its built-in protection from static discharges and smart DC-Ground technology. Say goodbye to worries about thieves targeting your prized asset, as this antenna comes equipped with a special screw and anti-theft safety key, ensuring maximum security even during extended car-wash sessions.

Flexibility meets convenience with our adjustable whip feature offering up to a remarkable 180° inclination. Effortlessly detachable for those on-the-go washes or magnetic mount applications, this antenna seamlessly adapts itself to various environments without compromising performance.

Relish hassle-free installation with our user-friendly mounting system featuring PL UHF-male compatibility (PL259). Standing tall at an impressive height of 1740 mm, be captivated by the sleek design that complements any vehicle perfectly.


  • CB & 10M mobile antennas
  • High power handling capability
  • Tunable from 27 to 30 MHz
  • Protection from static discharges DC-Ground
  • 17 / 7 PH tapered stainless steel whip
  • Supplied with special screw and anti-theft safety key
  • 180° inclination and adjustable whip, detachable for car-wash
  • Suitable for magnetic mount

Technical Specifications:

Polarization Linear Vertical
Bandwidth @ SWR ≤ 2 ≥ 1890 kHz (170 channel)
Power 400 W (CW) continuous, 1200 W (CW) short time
Mounting UHF-male (PL259)
Frequency Range 27 – 30 MHz
Impedance 50 Ω
Materials Brass, Copper, Nylon, Stainless Steel
Height 1740 mm
Weight 450 g

Additional information

Weight 7 kg