Sirio Gain-Master 1/2 Wave Base CB Antenna


Experience excellent performance with the Sirio Gain-Master 1/2 Wave Base CB Antenna, a top-notch choice suitable for all radio enthusiasts. Boasting an impressive length of approximately 5560 mm (18 ft), this antenna delivers unmatched results without causing any unnecessary disturbance to your neighbors.


Designed specifically for CB or the 10 m amateur band, this base station antenna ensures superb omnidirectional coverage. Its low radiation angle enables exceptional long-distance communication, making it ideal for DX operations. Crafted with a fiberglass three-section composite tube, this antenna guarantees durability and reliability in various weather conditions.

Tune into frequencies ranging from 27.2 to 30 MHz effortlessly using its adjustable frequency range feature. With a gain of 0 dBd and 2.15 dBi, you can expect crystal clear signals across vast distances. Plus, its remarkable power handling capability allows for continuous operation at up to an astounding 500 Watts (CW).

Not only is the Sirio Gain-Master exceptionally powerful and efficient, but it is also impressively lightweight at just 2600 g – ensuring easy installation and maneuverability.


  • Base station antenna, Omnidirectional
  • 1/2 wave center fed vertical dipole
  • Low radiation angle for excellent DX
  • Fiberglass 3 section composite tube


Type 1/2 wave center fed vertical dipole
Frequency Range Tunable from 27.2 to 30 MHz
Gain 0 dBd, 2.15 dBi
Bandwidth 1800 KHz
Power 500 Watts (CW) continuous
Connector UHF-female, PTFE insulator and gold plated central pin
Height 5560 mm
Weight 2600 g
Mounting Mast Ø 35 – 54 mm

Additional information

Weight 2.8 kg