Sirio FLEX-LOG 4 Mobile CB Antenna


Upgrade your mobile CB antenna to the top-of-the-line Sirio FLEX-LOG 4! This logarithmic loaded beauty offers remarkable performance coupled with unbeatable versatility. Designed to meet the needs of professionals, it caters effortlessly to a wide range of users.


With its omnidirectional radiation and linear vertical polarization, this powerhouse ensures seamless connectivity across all directions. The frequency range of 26.9 – 27.5 MHz is tunable for utmost convenience, allowing you to tailor it precisely as per your requirements.

Boasting an impressive power handling capacity, the Sirio FLEX-LOG 4 can sustain a continuous wave (CW) output of up to 250 Watts – perfect for extended usage periods. Need an extra burst of power? No worries! Its short time CW rating reaches an astounding 750 Watts!

Crafted with precision using high-quality materials such as copper, chromed brass, and fiberglass; rest assured that durability is guaranteed in every aspect. Clocking in at a height of 1260 mm and weighing just about175 g —the Sirio FLEX-LOG 4 redefines portability without sacrificing reliability.

To ensure compatibility with various setups, we’ve equipped this exceptional antenna with a reliable and universally recognized connector – the trusty 3/8” thread.


Radiation Omnidirectional
Polarization Linear Vertical
Frequency Range 26.9 – 27.5 MHz Tunable
Systems CB 27 MHz
Power 250 Watts (CW) continuous 750 Watts (CW) short time
Connector 3/8” Thread
Materials Copper, Chromed brass, Fiberglass
Height 1260 mm
Weight 175 g
Mounting Type 3/8” Thread

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