Sirio FIGHTER P-5000 PL Mobile CB Antenna


Experience unmatched communication range with the Sirio FIGHTER P-5000 PL Mobile CB Antenna. Crafted to perfection, this powerful antenna showcases exceptional radiation omnidirectionality, allowing seamless connectivity in all directions.


Featuring a linear vertical polarization, this antenna guarantees superior performance and crystal-clear reception across various frequencies. With a frequency range of 27 – 30 MHz tunable, you can effortlessly tune into your desired channels without any interference.

Unleash the full potential of your CB radio system as the Sirio FIGHTER P-5000 PL Mobile CB Antenna boasts an impressive power capacity of up to 1500 Watts (CW) continuously and an astounding 5000 Watts (CW) for short bursts. Stay assured that your transmissions will be delivered with utmost clarity and precision.

Safety is paramount, which is why this outstanding antenna incorporates grounding protection through its DC-Ground mechanism. Rest easy knowing that both yourself and your equipment are safeguarded against any unexpected electrical surges or anomalies.

Designed using high-quality materials such as copper, chromed brass, stainless steel 17/7 PH, and thermoplastic UV stabilized components; durability is never compromised. This ensures long-lasting reliability even when exposed to harsh weather conditions or rough terrains.

Standing tall at an impressive height of 1965mm while weighing just 650g makes mounting effortless yet stays secure during journeys. The on-connector mounting type adds convenience and flexibility to ensure hassle-free installation on various surfaces.


Radiation Omnidirectional
Polarization Linear Vertical
Frequency Range 27 – 30 MHz Tunable
Bandwidth 2 MHz @ SWR 2
Power 1500 Watts (CW) continuous 5000 Watts (CW) short time
Grounding Protection DC-Ground
Connector UHF-male (PL-259)
Materials Copper, Chromed brass, Stainless Steel 17/7 PH, Thermoplastic UV stabilized
Height 1965 mm
Weight 650 g
Mounting Type On-Connector

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Weight 1 kg