Sirio CX144U CW Base Antenna 144 – 148 MHz


Experience crystal clear and uninterrupted communication with the Sirio CX144U CW Base Antenna. Designed to cater to professionals from all walks of life, this top-notch Type 3/4 λ coaxial J-pole antenna guarantees utmost reliability in any setting.


With its omnidirectional radiation pattern, you can stay connected in every direction without compromising on signal strength. Boasting linear vertical polarization, this antenna ensures seamless compatibility with various communication systems, keeping your conversations crisp and intelligible.

Thanks to its impressive gain range of 2 dBd – 4.15 dBi, this antenna amplifies reception sensitivity for enhanced clarity over long distances. Whether it’s remote work or critical business operations, rest assured that your signals will be heard loud and clear by everyone involved.

Our state-of-the-art grounding protection system provides impeccable DC-Ground shielding against electrical surges and static discharge, safeguarding both your equipment and personnel during challenging weather conditions or unforeseen power fluctuations.

Sirio CX144U 144-148 MHz 250W (CW)


Crafted from a combination of premium-grade aluminium, brass, galvanized steel, and Zamak materials; this sturdy yet lightweight antenna weighs merely 750g – effortlessly manageable even during installation on masts of varying heights.

Equipped with a UHF-female (SO-239) connector for seamless connectivity options across multiple devices; experience hassle-free integration into existing setups while reaping the benefits of improved signal transmission across diverse networks.


Electrical Data Mechanical Data
Type: 3/4 λ coaxial J-pole Materials: Aluminium, Chromed brass, Galvanized steel, Zamak
Radiation: Omnidirectional Dimensions: 1620 mm
Polarization: Linear Vertical  Weight: 750 g
Frequency Range: 144 – 148 MHz SWR ≤ 1.5 Mounting Type: On-Mast
Systems: 2m-HAM, VHF Marine Band, ORBCOMM M2M, AIS-162 MHz, ISM-169 MHz
Gain: 2 dBd – 4.15 dBi
Max Power: 250 W (CW)
Connector: UHF-female (SO-239)
Grounding Protection: DC-Ground

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Weight 1 kg