Sirio CX140U CW Base Antenna 140 – 144 MHz


Upgrade your communication with the Sirio CX140U CW Base Antenna. Designed for professionals and suitable for all, this Type 3/4 λ coaxial J-pole boasts remarkable features to enhance your connectivity.


With its radiation omnidirectional capability, this antenna ensures that signals are transmitted and received efficiently from any direction. The linear vertical polarization further guarantees optimal performance in a professional setting.

Experience improved signal strength with a gain of 2 dBd – 4.15 dBi, allowing you to maintain clear connections even over longer distances. With a power capacity of 250 W (CW), rest assured knowing that this antenna can handle demanding transmission requirements effortlessly.

Safety is paramount, which is why the Sirio CX140U CW comes equipped with grounding protection through DC-Ground technology. This reliable feature safeguards against potential electrical hazards and provides peace of mind during operation.

Sirio CX140U 140-144 MHz 250W (CW) Crafted using premium materials such as aluminium, brass, galvanized steel, and zamak, this antenna offers durability without compromising on weight—only weighing at 750 g—for convenient setup and installation flexibility.

Thanks to its UHF-female connector (SO-239), seamlessly integrate the Sirio CX140U CW into existing systems or connect to various compatible devices hassle-free. The versatile mounting type allows for easy installation on-mast—a practical solution suited for both small-scale setups and large installations alike.


Electrical Data

Type 3/4 λ coaxial J-pole
Radiation Omnidirectional
Polarization Linear Vertical
Frequency Range 140 – 144 MHz
Systems 2m-HAM, VHF Marine Band, ORBCOMM M2M, AIS-162 MHz, ISM-169 MHz
Gain 2 dBd – 4.15 dBi
Power 250 W (CW)
Connector UHF-female (SO-239)
Grounding Protection DC-Ground


Mechanical Data

Materials Aluminium, Chromed brass, Galvanized steel, Zamak
Dimensions 1660 mm
Weight 750 g
Mounting Type On-Mast

Additional information

Weight 1 kg