Sirio CX-4-83 – VHF Band Base Antenna 83-88 MHz (Taxi/PMR Antenna)


Enhance your VHF communication capabilities with the Sirio CX-4-83 VHF Band Base Antenna, designed specifically for 83-88 MHz frequencies, ideal for taxi and PMR applications.


Optimized for Taxi and PMR Communications

Introducing the Sirio CX-4-83 VHF Band Base Antenna, a robust and reliable solution tailored for taxi and private mobile radio (PMR) communications. Operating within the 83-88 MHz frequency range, this base station antenna is engineered to enhance VHF band transmissions, ensuring clear and consistent communication in various professional settings.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Mono-Band Base Station Antenna: Designed specifically for the VHF band, offering focused performance in the 83-88 MHz range.
  • Omnidirectional Coverage: Features a 360° radiation pattern on the horizontal plane and a 60° beamwidth on the vertical plane, delivering expansive coverage without the need for reorientation.
  • Low-Gain with High Efficiency: With a gain of 2 dBd – 4.15 dBi, it provides sufficient reach while maintaining a compact and efficient design.
  • Superior Build Quality: Constructed from high-quality aluminium alloy 6063 T-832, brass, stainless steel, and nylon, ensuring durability and longevity even in harsh environmental conditions.
  • Static Discharge Protection: Includes DC-Ground protection to safeguard against static discharges, enhancing the safety and reliability of the antenna.
  • Easy Installation: The antenna mounts easily on masts with diameters ranging from 35-42 mm, facilitating straightforward setup and adjustment.

Technical Specifications

  • Antenna Type: 3/4λ Coaxial J-pole, offering excellent performance and bandwidth.
  • Frequency Tunability: Tunable frequency range from 73 to 88 MHz, allowing customization to specific needs.
  • Impedance: Standard 50Ω, compatible with a wide range of VHF equipment.
  • Radiation Angle: Optimized 3° radiation angle for targeted signal propagation.
  • Polarization: Linear vertical polarization to minimize interference and maximize signal integrity.
  • Maximum Power: Supports up to 500 Watts of continuous wave (CW) power at 30°C, suitable for high-demand applications.
  • Connector Type: Equipped with a durable UHF-female connector for secure and reliable connections.

Mechanical Data

  • Wind Load Resistance: Built to withstand wind speeds up to 150 Km/h, with a wind load of 97 N.
  • Dimensions and Weight: Stands between 2700 to 3360 mm tall and weighs approximately 1900 grams, balancing stability and ease of handling.
  • Minimal Wind Surface Area: Features a wind surface area of only 0.08 m², minimizing wind resistance and ensuring stable performance.

Ideal for Professional Use

Whether for business operations, emergency response, or other professional applications, the Sirio CX-4-83 VHF Band Base Antenna provides a reliable foundation for VHF communications. Its robust construction, comprehensive coverage, and easy installation make it an excellent choice for users looking to enhance their communication capabilities efficiently and effectively.

Additional information

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