Sirio Boomerang CB Antenna


Enhance your communication capabilities with the Sirio Boomerang CB Antenna. Designed for all enthusiasts in need of a professional-grade aerial, this top-notch product offers outstanding performance in a compact package.

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Simple to install, the Sirio Boomerang ensures hassle-free setup, allowing you to quickly reap its benefits. Whether you’re utilizing it for CB or 10m Balcony applications or requiring an easily adjustable temporary installation antenna, this antenna has got you covered.

Fine-tuning your transmission is made effortlessly precise thanks to its whip length adjusting feature. With a frequency range spanning from 27 MHz to 28.5 MHz and boasting an impressive gain of 2.15 dBi, experience exceptional signal reception like never before.

Constructed using high-quality materials such as aluminium, steel, nylon, glass fibre, and copper; durability is guaranteed even under challenging conditions. So rest assured that this antenna will withstand the test of time while consistently delivering impeccable results.

This powerhouse can handle up to 150 Watts (CW) continuously and can even handle bursts up to an astonishing 450 Watts (CW), ensuring uninterrupted communication during critical moments. With a total length measuring at approximately 2870 mm and featuring a reliable SO239 connector, seamless integration into your existing setup becomes effortless.


Frequency Range 27 – 28.5 MHz
Gain 2.15 dBi
Bandwidth at S.W.R. 2:1 700 KHz
SWR at Resonant Frequency 1.2:1 or less
Power 150 Watts (CW) continuous, 450 Watts (CW) short time
Feed System / Position Direct / center
Connector SO239
Materials Aluminium, Steel, Nylon, Glass fibre, Copper
Wind Load 23 N at 150 Km/h
Wind Resistance 140 Km/h
Wind Surface 0.02 m3
Length 2870 mm
Weight 800 g
Radial Length 1130 mm

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