Sirio AS 100 N Mobile CB Antenna


Meet the Sirio AS 100 N Mobile CB Antenna, a high-performance gem designed for all who crave seamless communication on the move. With its radiation omnidirectional capability and linear vertical polarization, this antenna ensures an extended range of coverage to keep you well-connected wherever your journey takes you.


Versatility is at the core of this exceptional product. Boasting a frequency range of 27 – 28.5 MHz that’s tunable to perfection, it adapts effortlessly to different transmission requirements while maximizing signal quality. Worried about grounding protection? Fear not, as our Sirio AS 100 N comes equipped with DC-Ground technology—an assurance against any unwanted electrical mishaps.

Delivering unparalleled bandwidth within SWR 2 (Signal Wave Ratio) at an impressive range of 580 KHz, this mobile antenna guarantees crystal-clear reception without compromising on performance. Don’t let its compact size deceive you; capable of handling continuous power up to a remarkable 100 Watts (CW), and even short bursts up to an impressive 300 Watts (CW), it proves itself worthy in demanding situations.

Installation is quick and hassle-free thanks to its reliable Thru-Hole mounting type—a testament to our dedication in providing products that are practical and user-friendly. Whether used by professionals or enthusiasts alike, our Sirio AS 100 N Mobile CB Antenna is built for endurance and exceptional functionality.


Radiation Omnidirectional
Polarization Linear Vertical
Frequency Range 27 – 28.5 MHz Tunable
Systems CB 27MHz, 10m-HAM
Grounding Protection DC-Ground
Bandwidth @ SWR 2 580 KHz
Power 100 Watts (CW) continuous, 300 Watts (CW) short time
Mounting Type Thru-Hole

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Weight 1 kg