Sirio 827 Anti-Vibration Nylon Ring


Enhance the strength and stability of your base station antenna with the Sirio 827 Anti-Vibration Nylon Ring. Specially designed to fit seamlessly around the Sirio 827 radials, this nylon ring provides unparalleled support even in high wind conditions.


Crafted with precision, our anti-vibration ring guarantees a reduction in radial vibrations, granting your antenna an added layer of stability. No more worrying about unpredictable weather or gusty winds affecting your signal quality.

Not limited to just the Sirio 827 model, this reinforcement ring also serves as a spare for Blizzard 2700 antennas. So whether you’re utilizing either one of these top-notch options, rest assured that our nylon ring has got you covered.

Suitable for professionals seeking optimal performance in their base station systems, our product incorporates years of expertise and engineering finesse. The durable material ensures longevity and resilience against wear and tear while delivering impeccable functionality.

Experience peace-of-mind knowing that your base station antenna is fortified by this anti-vibration wonder. Say goodbye to instability and hello to uninterrupted communication power.

The kit, which includes two plastic sections and fixing screws, may be used with new antennas as well as those that are already installed.

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Weight1.1 kg