Sigma HF Plus Kit Vertical Antenna


Upgrade Kit to Extend the Options on X80 and HF360 Antenna.


The Sigma Plus Kit is an Upgrade kit to extend the options on your X80 and HF360 antenna. The upgrade kit enhances the 40m and 80m bands with its low angle of radiation in some circumstances, which makes the difference between White noise.

Installation Instructions:

  • Please mount the bracket for the Plus Kit at the bottom
  • Then attach the HF mobiles to the bracket. The HF mobiles can be angled horizontal or at a more vertical angle if space is an issue
  • Please ensure that the angle mounts are tightened up with the Allen key provided
  • The 40m and 80m mobiles can be tuned in separately by moving the stainless steel whip up & down until SWR is achieved

Please note antenna shown on the images is not included and for illustration purpose only.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg