Sharman MM2K Ground Plane Mirror Mount Kit


Introducing the Sharman MM2K Ground Plane Mirror Mount Kit, a must-have accessory for those seeking enhanced signal reception in fibreglass cabs or areas with limited ground plane availability.


Crafted with precision, the MM2K is a flat bar mirror mount that offers exceptional performance and functionality. Boasting a sturdy design, it ensures optimal stability and durability, making it suitable for even the toughest environments.

What sets the MM2K apart from its predecessor, the MM1K, is the addition of a ground plane antenna mounted underneath. This ingenious feature further enhances signal strength, enabling you to experience clearer communication and improved connectivity.

To make your installation process hassle-free, the MM2K comes complete with a 2.8-meter coaxial cable. This high-quality cable is terminated with a PL-259 UHF plug, ensuring seamless compatibility and minimal signal loss.

With the Sharman MM2K Ground Plane Mirror Mount Kit, you can bid farewell to connectivity issues in fibreglass cabs or challenging locations. Enjoy reliable signal reception and stay connected when it matters most.

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Weight1 kg