Sharman’s MC-ECH 4M Cable Kit SO239 to PL259


Enhance your radio setup with Sharman’s MC-ECH 4M Cable Kit. This ready-made antenna cable features a 4m RG58 A/U cable terminated with PL259 UHF plug and SO239 UHF chassis mount socket, perfect for Amateur and CB radio enthusiasts. Ensure reliable connectivity and optimal signal transfer with this high-quality cable kit.”

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Sharman’s MC-ECH 4M Cable Kit is designed for seamless connectivity in Amateur and CB radio setups, offering reliable transmission over distances with ease. With a length of 4 meters, the RG58 A/U cable provides ample reach for various mounting configurations.

This cable kit features a robust termination system, with a PL259 UHF plug at one end and a SO239 UHF chassis mount socket at the other. The SO239 socket comes equipped with a protective cover, ensuring durability and longevity even in demanding environments.

Sharman’s MC-ECH 4M Cable Kit SO239 to PL259

Whether installed on an MB-400 boot mount or an MB-800 hatchback mount, this cable kit delivers consistent performance, making it an ideal choice for radio enthusiasts seeking dependable connections. With its 50 Ohm impedance, it’s optimized for efficient signal transfer, enhancing the overall radio experience.

In summary, the Sharman MC-ECH 4M Cable Kit offers a convenient solution for extending radio connections, enabling seamless communication in Amateur and CB radio setups with its high-quality construction and reliable performance.


  • 4 m RG58 A/U cable
  • Radio Connector: UHF-Male (PL-259)
  • Antenna Mount Connector: UHF-Female (SO-239)

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