Sharman Storm Master 5800 CB Fibreglass Base Station Antenna


Experience unparalleled performance and reliability with the Sharman Storm Master 5800 CB Fibreglass Base Station Antenna. Designed for professionals like you, this high-quality antenna is engineered to take your communications to new heights.


Equipped with a tuneable whip in its top section, the Moonraker 5/8 wave Storm Master 5800 allows you to effortlessly adjust it according to your desired frequency band. Say goodbye to limitations and seize full control over your radio communications.

Crafted with three durable fibreglass sections and a stainless steel whip at the top, this antenna boasts unbeatable resilience against even the harshest weather conditions. Whether rain or shine, rest assured that your signal will remain strong and consistent.

With an impressive frequency range of 25 – 30 MHz and power handling capabilities up to 1000 W, this antenna ensures seamless communication across vast distances. No matter how demanding your professional needs may be, trust in our technology to deliver crystal-clear transmissions every time.

Enhancing both versatility and performance, the Sharman Storm Master offers a gain of 3.5 dBd – providing improved reception and better signal strength for enhanced clarity during critical moments. Stay connected when it matters most; rely on our cutting-edge design without compromise.

Measuring at an impressive length of 6.35 meters, this base station antenna stands tall above conventional alternatives – allowing for superior reach and coverage in any setting. Whether you’re operating from home or establishing a command center in rugged terrain, achieve unmatched.


Frequency25 – 30 MHz
Power Handling1000 Watts
Length6.35 m
Gain3.5 dBd
Impedance50 Ohms
ConstructionGRP Fiberglass

Additional information

Weight3 kg