Sharman Storm 500 Base CB Antenna


Experience reliable and seamless communication with the Sharman Storm 500 Base CB Antenna. Designed for all, this professional-grade antenna is carefully crafted to cater to your local range requirements without compromising on performance.

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Operating within the frequency range of 26 – 28 MHz, the Storm 500 ensures crystal-clear transmissions up to a power capacity of 50 W. Its compact design, measuring just 2.2 meters in length, makes it an excellent choice when space is a constraint.

Equipped with three radials, this antenna guarantees optimal signal reception and transmission capabilities. With a gain of 2.5 dB, expect enhanced signal strength even under challenging conditions. The Storm 500 offers remarkable bandwidth spanning across an impressive range of 1000 kHz.

Connecting seamlessly with devices through its SO239 connection port, installation becomes effortless and hassle-free. Simply attach it to your desired location and witness superior performance right at your fingertips.

Perfectly suited for both personal and professional use cases – from trucking enthusiasts seeking efficient short-range communications to neighborhood watch groups requiring consistent connectivity – the Sharman Storm 500 Base CB Antenna delivers unmatched versatility alongside long-lasting durability.


Gain2.5 dB
Length2.2 m
Power50 W
Bandwidth1000 kHz
Frequency26 – 28 MHz


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