Sharman Storm 100 Base CB Antenna


Experience crystal-clear communication with the Sharman Storm 100 Base CB Antenna. Crafted to deliver unparalleled performance, this compact yet powerful antenna is designed for all, catering to both amateurs and professionals alike.

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Perfectly suited for local range applications, the Storm 100 CB base antenna provides exceptional reception within a limited radius. With its frequency range spanning from 26 MHz to 28 MHz, rest assured that you’ll maintain a strong signal connection in various environments.

Featuring a maximum power handling capacity of up to 30 W, this antenna ensures reliable transmission without sacrificing quality. Standing at a sleek length of one meter, it effortlessly blends into any setting while delivering remarkable results.

Equipped with three high-quality radials and boasting an impressive gain of 0.5 dB, the Storm 100 offers enhanced signal strength and reception capabilities. Whether you’re engaging in amateur radio or require professional-grade communication solutions – trust this antenna’s unwavering performance.

Savor uninterrupted conversations thanks to its wide bandwidth of 500 kHz, allowing seamless transmission across numerous channels without compromising clarity or reliability. Furthermore, the convenient SO239 connection ensures compatibility with most CB radios on the market today.

Durable and built-to-last, the Sharman Storm 100 Base CB Antenna assures longevity even under harsh weather conditions. Its robust construction guarantees stability while providing unrivaled functionality year after year.


Radials 3
Length 1 m
Gain 0.5 dB
Power 30 W
Bandwidth 500 kHz
Connection SO239
Frequency 26 – 28 MHz

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