Sharman NR-770S Dual Band Mobile Ham Antenna 2 m / 70 cm


A short compact pre-tuned antenna for the amateur 2 m / 70 cm amateur bands with a centre loading coil.


Enhance your amateur radio experience with the Sharman NR-770S, a short compact pre-tuned antenna designed for the versatile 2m/70 cm amateur bands. This remarkable device boasts a center loading coil and an impressive 1/4 wave (145 MHz) and 1/2 wave radialless (435 MHz) capability, ensuring optimal performance across these frequencies.

With a maximum power handling capacity of up to 100 Watts, the Sharman NR-770S empowers you to communicate effortlessly over vast distances while maintaining exceptional clarity. Its professional-grade construction guarantees durability and reliability in any challenging environment.

This antenna is designed to achieve accurate SWR when mounted on a fixed mount i.e. trunk lip, snail, gutter mount. We do not recommend it used on a magnetic mount as high SWR readings will occur.


  • Frequency Range: 145/435 MHz (Dual Band)
  • Type: 1/4 wave (145 MHz) 1/2 wave radialless (435 MHz)
  • VSWR: 1.5:1
  • Max Power: 100 W

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Weight 2 kg