Sharman Multicom Venom GPA Base Antenna


Experience superior performance and unparalleled reliability with the Sharman Multicom Venom GPA Base Antenna. As one of the most sought-after CB base antennas in the market, this exceptional 1/2 wave or ‘silver rod’ is designed to elevate your communication game.


Crafted meticulously from premium-grade aluminum, this antenna boasts outstanding corrosion resistance, ensuring its durability even in challenging weather conditions. Standing tall at an impressive length of 18 feet with four sections, it effortlessly reaches new heights for optimal signal reception.

Brace yourself for stunning clarity and extended range as you tap into a frequency range of 26 – 28 MHz. With a maximum power handling capability of an astounding 1000 W, you have the freedom to transmit without limitations – amplifying your voice like never before.

Enhancing communication further, indulge in a gain of 4.1 dB provided by our state-of-the-art engineering. This powerful boost empowers you to overcome obstacles and achieve seamless connections over vast distances.

And that’s not all – our Venom GPA Base Antenna offers an impressive bandwidth spanning across 2000 kHz. So whether you’re participating in emergency situations or simply engaging in casual CB conversations, rest assured that your messages will be received loud and clear by fellow enthusiasts around the globe.



Frequency26 – 28 MHz
Max Power1000 W
Length 5.5 m
Gain4.1 dB
Bandwidth 2000 KHz

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Weight3 kg