Sharman Multicom Half Size G5RV Wire Antenna


Reach new heights in HF band communication as you explore various frequencies with ease using the Sharman Multicom Half Size G5RV Wire Antenna. Its professional-grade construction ensures reliability and exceptional performance – making it an essential addition to any amateur radio enthusiast’s arsenal.


Experience crystal clear communication and exceptional transmission with the Sharman Multicom Half Size G5RV Wire Antenna. Designed for HF amateur bands, this versatile antenna covers an extensive range from 40 meters to 10 meters.

Boasting an impressive overall length of 51 feet, this high-quality antenna ensures unparalleled performance when paired with good quality 50 ohm coaxial cable (we recommend a feed length of either 45 or 90 feet). The half size G5RV also features a unique ribbon cable designed to hang vertically, enhancing its radiating capabilities.

With a maximum power handling capacity of up to 500 watts, you can confidently transmit your signals without worrying about compromising the efficiency or longevity of your equipment. Additionally, the convenient PL259 connection guarantees a secure and stable connection between your radio and antenna.


  • Frequency Bands: 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 m
  • Max Power: 500 W
  • Top Section: 51 ft / 102 ft
  • Feeder length: 15 ft 3″ / 30 ft 6″
  • Connection: PL259

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Weight 1 kg