Sharman MC-4MT 4M 5D-FB Cable Kit SO239 to PL259


Discover the Sharman MC-4MT 4M 5D-FB Cable Kit SO239 to PL259 for superior mobile communication. Featuring high-quality RG58 coaxial cable and a PL259 connector, this kit ensures minimal signal loss and easy installation, perfect for amateur radio enthusiasts and professionals alike.


The Sharman MC-4MT 4M 5D-FB Cable Kit SO239 to PL259 is an exceptional solution for mobile communication setups, engineered with top-tier materials and precision design. This kit features a generous 4 meters of low-loss RG58 coaxial cable, boasting a diameter of 6mm, ensuring minimal signal attenuation for optimal performance.

Adding to its versatility, the kit includes a 30cm tail of thin RG-188A/U coaxial cable, strategically crafted for seamless passage through vehicle doors, facilitating easy installation without compromising signal integrity. The inclusion of the PL259 connector adds further convenience, providing a reliable and secure connection point for your mobile communication devices.

Whether you’re outfitting your vehicle for amateur radio operations, emergency services, or any other mobile communication needs, the Sharman MC-4MT 4M 5D-FB Cable Kit offers unparalleled quality and performance, ensuring clear and consistent signal transmission wherever your travels take you.

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