Sharman Excalibur Super Lance Loft Antenna


The Sharman Excalibur Super Lance Loft Antenna is a game-changer for all seeking professional-grade reception within the comfort of their homes. Designed with precision and convenience in mind, this compact-sized home base antenna boasts a built-in ground plane, making it an exceptional choice for areas where external antennas may not be ideal—such as lofts, balconies, or confined spaces.


Crafted to perfection, this 1/4 wave antenna operates flawlessly across a frequency range of 26 – 30 MHz, ensuring optimal performance across various channels. With its length measuring at 91.5 cm, it strikes the perfect balance between size and power efficiency.

Rest assured that our Excalibur Super Lance Loft Antenna can handle your broadcasting needs effortlessly with its impressive power rating of 500 watts. Whether you’re engaging in amateur radio activities or simply enjoying crystal-clear audio on your favorite stations, this antenna will surpass your expectations.


Type of Antenna1/4 wave
Frequency26 – 30 MHz
Length91.5 cm
Power Rating500 Watts


Featuring an SO239 connector—a popular choice among professionals—the seamless integration with your existing equipment is guaranteed. No more compatibility hurdles; just plug in and experience exceptional clarity like never before.

Upgrade your reception capabilities today with the Sharman Excalibur Super Lance Loft Antenna! Immerse yourself in top-notch signal quality without compromising space or aesthetics. Transform any corner of your living space into a haven for exceptional radio experiences—all while maintaining utmost professionalism throughout.


Please observe correct cable lengths (please see below) to use to get optimum swr level.

Cable lengths:

  • 8′ 10″
  • 17′ 9″
  • 27′ 6″
  • 40′ 00″
  • 58′ 00″
  • 76′ 00″

Additional information

Weight2 kg