Sharman AV-SW3M – 3 Way SO239 Coax Switch


Introducing the Sharman AV-SW3M – 3 Way SO239 Coax Switch, the ultimate solution for seamless connectivity and signal management. This high-quality coax switch is designed to enhance your audio and video setup, ensuring optimum performance and maximum convenience.

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With a frequency range of DC-800 MHz, this coax switch delivers exceptional versatility, allowing you to connect a wide range of devices without compromising on signal quality. Whether you’re a radio enthusiast, an amateur operator, or simply looking to upgrade your home entertainment system, the Sharman AV-SW3M is built to meet your needs.

Power is never an issue with this coax switch, as it boasts impressive power handling capabilities. Its power ratings include 1.5kW for DC-30 MHz, 1kW for 30 – 200 MHz, 500W for 200 – 500 MHz, and 250W for 500 – 800 MHz. Rest assured that this switch can handle the demands of your equipment, providing reliable and uninterrupted performance.

When it comes to signal integrity, the Sharman AV-SW3M excels with its low insertion loss of greater than 0.05 dB. This means that minimal signal degradation occurs during transmission, ensuring that you experience the highest fidelity possible.

Moreover, this coax switch offers exceptional isolation, with less than 70 dB at DC-500 MHz and less than 60 dB at 500 – 800 MHz. This prevents unwanted interference and crosstalk, allowing for clean and clear signals throughout your setup.

The Sharman AV-SW3M is equipped with four SO239 sockets in total, providing you with ample connectivity options. This popular connector type is well-known for its reliable performance and ease of use, making it a favourite among professionals and enthusiasts alike.


  • Insertion: >0.05 dB
  • Frequency: DC-800 MHz
  • Sockets 4 x SO239 in total
  • High-quality 3-way coax switch
  • Isolation: DC-500 MHz <70 dB 500 – 800 MHz <60 dB
  • Power: DC-30 MHz 1.5 KW, 30 – 200 MHz 1KW, 200 – 500 MHz 500W, 500 – 800 MHz 250W


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