Sharman AV-40 – VSWR Power Meter


Introducing the Sharman AV-40 VSWR Power Meter, the ultimate tool for accurately measuring and monitoring power levels and VSWR in your 144 MHz to 470 MHz communication systems. With a compact design and impressive features, this power meter is a must-have for any radio enthusiast or professional.


Designed specifically for use with 50 Ohm impedance systems, the Sharman AV-40 provides precise measurements of both forward and reflected power, allowing you to easily monitor the performance of your equipment. The included VSWR measurement feature ensures that you can quickly identify any impedance mismatches or transmission line issues, helping you optimize your system for maximum efficiency.

With its versatile power switch, the AV-40 allows you to select between two power ranges: 0-15W and 0-150W. This flexibility ensures that you can accurately measure power levels across a wide range of applications, from low-power setups to high-power installations. The sensitivity of 3W for full-scale deflection guarantees that even the smallest power fluctuations will be captured, providing you with reliable and accurate readings.

The Sharman AV-40 VSWR Power Meter boasts a lightweight design, weighing only 280 g, making it portable and easy to carry wherever you go. The SO239 sockets provide secure and reliable connections to your equipment, ensuring that you can take accurate measurements without any signal loss or interference.

Sharman AV-40 – VSWR Power Meter Measuring just 85 x 87 x 95 mm in size, the AV-40 is compact yet packed with features. Its small footprint allows for easy integration into your existing setup, whether it be a desk space or a mobile installation. Sharman AV-40 – VSWR Power Meter

Rest assured, the Sharman AV-40 is built to deliver accurate results consistently. With an accuracy of 10% at full scale, you can rely on this power meter to provide you with precise measurements, giving you confidence in your system’s performance.

Upgrade your measurement capabilities with the Sharman AV-40 VSWR Power Meter. Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, this reliable and versatile tool will help you achieve optimal performance in your 144 MHz to 470 MHz communication systems. Experience the power of accurate measurements with the Sharman AV-40 today.

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