SDP660 DMR Portable Radio 136 – 174 MHz AC Band 5 Watt with GPS Transceiver Only


  • Multiple programmable buttons, from side function keys to the main keypad for ultimate customisation.
  • Intuitive keypad.
  • Full-colour display with an intuitive interface.


Offering full keypad functionality for telephone, complex group calls, advanced data messaging and a total of 12 programmable function keys, the SDP660 is ideally suited to organisations with complex operational needs.

Frequency BandsVHF: 136–174MHz
UHF: 400–480MHz
UHF: 440–520MHz
Channel Capacity2000
Channel Bandwidth12.5/25kHz
Dimensions137x64x36 mm
Weight (with standard battery)199g (transceiver) 141g (standard battery)
Battery Life (with standard battery)12 hours
Power Supply7.2V DC nominal
Frequency Stability± 2ppm
Emission Masks7K60FXD (data), 7K60FXE (voice), 7K60F1W (voice and data) for 4FSK digital modulation, 11K0F3E for 12.5 kHz modulation
RF Output Power5 W programmable (5 W RF power 400-470 MHz, 4 W RF power 470-480 MHz)
Modulation Limiting+/-2.5 @ 12.5 kHz, +/-5.0 kHz @ 25 kHz
FM Hum and Noise40dB (TIA-603-B)
Conducted / Radiated Emission-36dBm
Adjacent Channel Power-60dBc @12.5kHz
Audio Response+1/-3dB
Audio Distortion3% (TIA-603-B)
Digital Vocoder TypeAMBE+2
Analogue Sensitivity-117.5dBm (12dB SINAD)
Digital Sensitivity-117.5 dBm (1% BER)
Intermodulation65dB (ETS086-1)
Adjacent Channel Selectivity60dB @12.5kHz (ETS086-1)
Spurious Rejection70dB (ETS086-1)
Hum and Noise40dB (TIA603-B)
Audio Response+1/-2dB (0.3-2.55kHz)
Conducted Spurious Emission-57dBm
Operating Temperature-30°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature-40°C to +80°C
IP Rating / Humidity IP54IP67 (IEC60529)
GPSL1, TTFF < 60s
  • Multiple programmable buttons, from side function keys to the main keypad for ultimate customisation
  • Intuitive keypad
  • Full-colour display with an intuitive interface
  • Control Channel Hibernation to enable solar-powered sites
  • Tx Interrupt to allow instantaneous correction of old or incorrect information
  • Integrated Man Down and lone worker – motion and a positional sensor for full employee safety
  • In-radio Geofencing
  • Group Presence Checking to increase the capacity of systems
  • AES256 Encryption for protection against eavesdropping
  • Dynamic Group Number Assignment to create and remove talk groups on the fly
  • IP67 protection from water and dust ingress
  • Ear-piece speaker for full-duplex calling mode
  • Integral GPS Antenna for dedicated satellite performance placed optimally within the radio
  • High output main speaker for loud & clear digital audio
  • Multi-colour LED for clear indication of radio status
  • Easy access to the emergency button for no-doubt notification
  • Ergonomic push to talk
  • Selector knob enhances useability, for control of volume and brings smartphone speed scrolling to the radio
  • IP67 rated side connector
  • Battery life 40% greater than equivalent analogue and FDMA technologies
  • Full Duplex Telephony to allow more natural, flowing conversations and seamless integration with phone-based users
  • MPT1327 to enable terminal-led migration
  • OTAP to allow remote fleet management

Additional information

Weight3 kg