Scanking Royal Double Discone Antenna


Generally regarded as the best all-around Discone Antenna. Not only does it cover 25 – 2000 MHz on receive you can also transmit on 6 / 2 / 70 and 23 cm!


Scanking Royal Double Discone 25 - 2000 MHz Antenna

Enhance your radio reception capabilities with the Scanking Royal Double Discone Antenna. This high-quality antenna offers superior wideband coverage for receiving signals across the VHF and UHF spectrum, ensuring a low SWR match for optimal performance.

With a frequency range of 25-2000 MHz for receiving and 130-175/410-475 MHz for transmitting, this antenna delivers reliable connectivity wherever you go. Boasting a gain of 5.5 dBi over standard discone antennas, you can expect clear and crisp audio quality every time.

Measuring at 150 cm in length and featuring an N-type socket, the Scanking Royal Double Discone Antenna is both durable and easy to install. Upgrade your communication setup today with this professional-grade antenna that is suitable for all users looking to boost their signal strength.



TypeScanking Royal Double Discone 2000
FrequencyRX 25 – 2000 MHz
FrequencyTX 130 – 175 / 410 – 475 MHz
Gain5.5 dBi over standard discone
Length150 cm

Additional information

Weight2.6 kg