SB2025N P25 Repeater with Integral Network Interface. 50 Watt 12.5 / 25 kHz Channel Spacing. Band ST (800 – 825 MHz Rx and 850 – 870 MHz Tx)


Simulcast technology synchronises duplicated channels in a wide area network to avoid interference between adjacent radio sites.

Digital VoIP signals are better defined and more consistent than their analogue counterparts, enabling the synchronisation task to be ‘processor controlled’.

SB2025NT-T/N incorporates an RSSI voter which can operate in talk through mode with simulcast transmit.

Easy to deploy base station, with intuitive set-up and simple remote management.


The SB2025NT-T/N Simulcast Base Station offers market-leading P25 performance in a robust, reliable yet compact 2U form factor. Designed and built to exceed industry standards, the SB2025NT-T/N is a spectrum efficient solution, perfectly suited to wide areas of coverage.

Building on the plug and play principles of analogue Dalman simulcast systems, SB2025NT-T/N integrated simulcast and voting controller offers enhanced resilience and full remote management of base station networks, while interfacing in a cost-effective, compact component-based P25 system.

Frequency Bands148-174 MHz, 400-435 MHz, 435-470 MHz, 763-775 MHz (TX), 793-805 MHz (RX+), 850-870 MHz (TX), 805-825MHz (RX)
Channels255 DFSI selectable
Channel SpacingAnalogue – Programmable 25/12.5 kHz / Digital – 12.5kHz
Antenna ConnectionsRx, Tx both N-type female
Channel Capacity2000
ModulationAnalogue – Direct FM two-point method / Digital – C4FM
Operating Temperature– 30 to +60˚C (-22˚ to 140˚F)
Physical Size2RU Height x 19” rack mount
Supply Voltage13.8 +/- 20% or optional AC mains input
ModelsSB2025NT-T – Traffic Manager + Network Interface
SB2025NT-N – Network Interface only
Frequency Stability1.5PPM
Modulation FidelityLess than 3%
Power Output100W
Symbol Deviation1.8kHz
Audio Bandwidth300Hz to 3000Hz (+1,-3dB)
DistortionLess than 2% @ 60% deviation
Intermodulation ImmunityBetter than 82dB blocking better than 100dB at +/- 1MHz point
SensitivityBetter than – 117 dBm for 12 dB SINAD, typ -120 dBm. P25 – Better than – 117 dBm for 5% BER

• Front panel status indicators • DFSI interface option for IP connected dispatch console • Mixed mode repeat – analogue and digital • NAC can be unchanged or defined • Remote diagnostics • Transparent P25 repeat – passes encrypted voice transparently

• 4-wire analogue dispatch console interface (via central NI) • Duplicated traffic managers for high reliability • SNMP traps for alarms

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Weight 3 kg