Sangean ATS-909X2 – FM/SW/MW/LW/AIR/Multi-Band Receiver (White)


The ATS-909X2 is the perfect world band radio to roam the globe with. The built-in 3″ speaker lets you conveniently listen anywhere.


You can also listen to the radio using the 3.5 mm headphone jack and the included earbuds. It features wide-band AM/FM coverage from long wave, medium wave, and short wave. The DSP comes as standard with the unit and includes a number of features which can significantly enhance reception through improved interference rejection.


Features and Specifications:

  • 1674 station presets
  • Adjustable sleep timer
  • 3 individual Memory banks
  • Additional Airband (118~137 MHz)
  • ATS (Auto Tuning System) on LW/MW/SW/FM
  • Dual conversion device for MW / LW / SW/AIR
  • A larger LCD screen with adjustable LED backlight
  • 10 characters for the editing station name on display
  • 3 alarms by radio or HWS (Humane Wake System) buzzer
  • SSB (Single Side Band): USB / LSB 10Hz / step on fine-tuning
  • Built-in 42 world cities time + D.S.T. device with 2 editable city names
  • Information indications with RDS PS/PTY/RT, SNR, RSSI, Memory Bank
  • Automatically search for the strongest signal station within SW station pages
  • The smart battery charger can individually detect the healthy situation of each battery
  • The squelch function can adjust the receiving threshold to eliminate weak transmissions
  • Five Tuning Methods: Direct frequency tuning, auto scan, manual tuning, memory recall and rotary tuning


Additional information

Weight 1 kg